Business with death: the ruination of the Cantacuzino Institute and the “coronavirus” of incompetence

by Cristina Pastia Tuesday, 25 February 2020
Covid 19. So was baptised the coronavirus that frightened China. And the rest of the world, especially if you choose to inform yourself exclusively from mass-media. About information, if not from the press, then where from? Look, in Romania, the tip of the spear in the fight against such outbreaks/pandemics should be the Cantacuzino Institute.
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<p>The specialists there are supposed to be in press conferences, state their conclusions, make recommendations based on the exchange of information and experience with specialists from WHO and, obviously, from China.</p><p>Why the Cantacuzino Institute? Because this is its purpose- the prevention and combat of such diseases caused by viruses and other “micro-killers”, the development of coherent strategies. Besides the production of vaccines of all sorts, including flu shots. What is Cantacuzino now? A ruin, from all points of view. For example, if you want to find out anything about Covid 19 from the website of the Institute, you will have a big surprise. There is only one press release from this year, most of the page being an analysis of how bacteria became “immune” to antibiotics. Then there is a press release from November about nothing, photographs of people planting trees, unveilings of statues, meetings with (supposedly) military doctors- I hope they are not infantrymen.</p><p>About the Cantacuzino Institute. Its last big achievement was the swine flu shot. It was one of the eight producers in the world. Since then, the “virus” of corruption and incompetence destroyed its most valuable possessions: laboratories, buildings, lab rat production farms but, ESPECIALLY, it “killed” many specialists.</p><p>Many causes were named for the misery in which ended up one of the most renowned research institutes on the planet. It started with property interests, it continued with group interests for the importation of other similar products (not Pasteur or Galaxo) and it came to incompetence.</p><p>The army, in whose subordination the institute is now, tried to change a few things, recruits but, as long as the production is zero, the chances of survival are around the same number.</p><p>The destruction of the Cantacuzino Institute, an objective of national security, can easily be classified as treason. But nothing impresses us anymore. We are busy with special elections and political lynching.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>(an article by Edward Pastia)</p>