Hammering handbook. The mistrust in the State.

by Cristina Pastia Monday, 22 June 2020
A plethora of questions without answer when in comes to the new coronavirus. Moreover, Romanians are threatened, insulted, or left to cope with other illnesses “on their feet”, many of them serious. We don’t even know how many Romanians died because of SARS-COV 2, before starting any treatment. Thus, Romanian authorities seem determined to do everything to multiply the mistrust in the State, in its fundamental institutions.
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<p>Below, we present you a list of the questions with no answer. Some of them newer, others right from the start of the emergency state in March. We mention that “The Policy of Disaster” does not question the existence of the virus, of the disease in itself, of the dramatic effects caused by the pandemic. We only want to signal the way in which the Romanian State, parallel to the situation or not, understands to communicate with the purpose to limit the spread of SARS-COV 2.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>1. If in the case of SARS and MERS, other famous coronaviruses, no vaccine could be developed, why could we hope to have one in the case of SARS-COV 2?</p><p>2. The countries in an advanced state regarding the research for finding a medicine or a vaccine announced that from the positive results will benefit first of all their own citizens (eg: France, Germany, USA) and after that “the others”. How much did Romania allocate to research and what state are we in?</p><p>3. If the number of new cases increased following the relaxation measures, after which stage did it happen? First, second, or third? What is the population doing wrong?</p><p>4. Why don’t we know the situation in every county so we know where we should go, where we should not go, where to be cautious etc?</p><p>5. Why aren’t we communicated the situations of the cured people in every county?</p><p>6. If we compare the number of new cases and the number of tests done, does it mean that “positive tests” are taken into consideration, knowing that in some cases 2 or even 3 tests are done? (For example in the case of those “on the verge” of discharge, or already in the hospital)</p><p>7. If in March there were, according to the Association of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, 2.653 ICU beds with 1.361 ventilators, what is the situation now?</p><p>8. What is the situation of hospitalizations in the COVID hospitals? How many asymptomatics, how many in ICU…?</p><p>9. What investments were made in the medical System? What are the plans of the Government on short and medium term in this field, of reformation of the Health System?</p><p>10. Why aren’t the names of those in the Group of Strategic Communication made public? The answer of the Interior Ministry at a parliamentary intervention on the 7th of April is: “the composition of the group varies depending on the situations”. Does this answer seem dignified to you?</p><p>11. Which are the persons leading the fight against SARS-COV 2, making decisions etc? How many virologists?</p><p>12. Why isn’t there a national program of detection of the antibodies to SARS-COV 2?</p><p>13. Were masks sent, free of charge, to the citizens with low incomes? How many?</p><p>14. How many checks were made, are done and will be done at merchants, malls, offices and other public areas (commercial or of public alimentation) for verifying the following of the safety measures, of physical distancing? Is there any strategy in this respect?</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>(an article by Edward Pastia)</p>