The Romanian Army “conquered” a place in the top of the strongest in the world

by Cristina Pastia Monday, 24 February 2020
We are on the 38th place out of 138 states analyzed in the top of the best equipped military forces in the world. The good news was given to us by Global Firepower, who published the annual leader-board. Out of the countries in the former communist block, the Czech Republic and Poland were ahead of us. More specifically, they were better positioned than out country.
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<p>The leader-board made by Global Firepower takes into consideration the equipment, annual budget meant for the defense and the number of militaries. In the previous leader-board, we were on the 40th place.</p><p>The problem is, however, that it is not likely that other states, like Russia, are at least worried by this “accomplishment” of the Romanian Army. Even though, according to GP, we have over 70 thousand active militaries and 50 thousand reservists. Moreover, they possess almost one thousand tanks, tens of helicopters and two dozens of fighter planes.</p><p>The resources of the Romanian Army:</p><ul><li>943 tanks</li><li>1.369 armored carriers</li><li>26 fighter planes</li><li>12 transport planes</li><li>62 helicopters</li></ul><p>Global Firepower does not mention, however, essential matters about the fighting capacity of the Romanian militaries. Romania has not been producing gunpowder for years (it imports from Serbia, official ally of Russia), almost half of the ten equipment programs “take place” in courts (see the building of the 3 corvettes and the building of fighter planes IAR Hawk 2) and the firepower can be estimated at maximum 2 fighting days.</p><p>Theoretically, our country spends 5 billion dollars yearly on equipment (2% of the GDP). Practically, we can barely talk about hundreds of millions annually. In comparison, the Czech Republic has an annual budget of 3 billion dollars, less equipment (in numbers) but it is on the 34th place. Poland spends 12 billion dollars annually and it is on the 21st place. For the sake of our country, let’s mention that Hungary is only on the 54th place. It spends just 2 billion dollars annually on the army.</p><p>And if we are making comparisons, let us remember the United States, the country on the first place, with a budget of 750 billion dollars for the “defense”. Cash up front… And Russia, the one on the second place, spends 48 billion dollars on the same thing.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>(an article by Edward Pastia)</p>