Arafat orders, ministers execute

for almost two years, nothing “pandemic” has been moving in Romania without being touched by Arafat’s genius. We are in a permanent state of alert, Arafat is capable of anything just to show us how a “naturalized” can humiliate the indigenous people. It’s always someone else that’s guilty of the disaster, he is responsible only for the success. For over 10 years fires have been happening, planes have been crashing or people have been disappearing, responsible structures react late or lack professionalism, but “commander” Arafat won’t budge.

The state of alert allows Arafat to delegate medical personnel from in public institutions where and whenever he wants. He keeps throwing dispositions at the health ministries, internal or external, that ministers only approve. In less than a years he has signed hundreds of delegating orders of medical and auxiliary staff between several healthcare units in the same city or several counties. This is grounded by a law so ambiguous and controversial and the supreme argument, to combat the pandemic. Delegating thousands of people requires, according to the order, to pay an indemnization, a huge financial effort with almost insignificant results.

The orders are signed by the “commander of the action” or by the state secretary and chief of the Emergency Situations Department/ ESD. After all he doesn’t even care how he signs. The name is enough, Arafat, and Romania stands up acclaiming its hero. Very soon “arafat” will become a common noun or “the arafat” will become a measurement unit for the passion with which you can ruin a country and its medical system.

Commander's Order of Action nr. 9518 from 2021 provides for the interruption of all vacations of the entire medical staff in Romania. Signed by the almighty Arafat, the document is approved, nicely, by the health minister and becomes mandatory for all employees in the medical system (medical personnel, auxiliary or maintenance). Another example of how an entire country is subordinated to the Arafat.

For over 20 years we have been presented the success of SMURD, but no-one dared to wonder how a private legal entity, The SMURD Foundation, which has Arafat as its sole founder, has its headquarters in the EA of the Tg.Mureș County Hospital. Or how SMURD, a public service with no legal personality, without its own budget, receives a consistent amount of money from the state, from local public authorities or from donations and sponsorships. It is enough to check the composition of the Directory Council of the Founation to understand that nobody dares to ask questions or verify its activity. In Romania there are several inquiries on the church or acquisitions in the Army, but nobody has tried to check on its activity, funds and the legal context in which the SMURD and the Foudation function.

One more wave, one more hospital burning

For half a year the pandemic gave us a break, but no measure has been taken to prepare us for the wave we are all waiting for. No hospital has been built or renovated, no viable modular solutions have been acquired and no measure has been taken to eliminate the dysfunctions previously identified. The ESD led by Arafat, did not even manage to verify the defence measures against fires in hospitals. In 2-3 weeks they could have checked absolutely every healthcare unit or at least the ICUs, about which they know would have the toughest task during the fourth wave.

Although he likes giving orders, as “commander”, the civilian Arafat did not take any measure to verify and operationalise modular hospitals, which have not been functioning for many, many months. The legendary hospital in Lețcani has not been using the ICU to this day because the oxygen cannot be pumped properly. That oxygen that most of the times rushes the end, because it is administrated randomly.

The forth wave made its entry with a fire. since the beginning of the pandemic more Romanians have died carbonised in the ICU salons than in the first night of the fire at Colectiv, but no inquiry has been finalised and no official has taken responsibility.

Absolutely everything that meant the management of the pandemic was somehow filtered by the Arafat. An individual that obtained Romanian citizenship at the age of 35, with no family or relatives in Romania and that has no blood relation to the country (which still gave him credit) receives, by successive law modifications, unlimited power during the state of alert.

The pandemic, an emergency situation of sanitary origins, is exclusively “doomed” by a civilian employee of MAI, Arafat. Vaccination, the solution that is expected to combat the pandemic, is managed almost unilaterally by an employee of MApN, Gheorghiță, named by a physics teacher, Iohannis.

The Strategic Communication Group/ SCG is formed only of people with no medical background or that don’t come from the medical field. The Heath Ministry is a member, like the Transportation Ministry, in the National Committee for Emergency Situations/ NCES, but two of the vice-presidents are from the MAI. The same ministry ensures just the secretaries of the National Coordination Committee for Vaccination against COVID-19/ NCCV, but its headquarters is at the MApN. We’re all looking at the hospitals, doctors and the health system. In reality, all 3 entities that manage the pandemic (CNSU, NCCV and GCS) are mostly formed of people with no medical background or experience in fighting infectious diseases.

In the name of the Arafat

The weeks ago, the European Commission announced that it signed an acquisition contract with the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, which will provide 220000 monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID-19 patients. The contract was signed by 18 embers of the EU, but Romania was not interested. It happened a few days before the NLP Congress. Really now! Who had time for covid treatment then? It’s the second contract signed by the European Commission, for a treatment that proved efficient, after the one in May. Romania did not manifest any interest back then either. Through European aid mechanisms in case of disaster because that’s what Romania looks like, a disaster.

On October 11th 2021, the ESD, in the name of the Romanian

Government, demands emergency assistance from the North Atlantic Alliance and its partners. Arafat’s ESD thus demands Euro/Atlantic Center for coordination of reaction in case of disaster support to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Because it is necessary that in such situations you fill in the date and time the “disaster” took place Arafat’s specialists fill in “January 2020, still taking place”. Although the pandemic was declared only on March 11th 2020, Arafat thought to start two months early. However, after almost two years, Romania finally found out that there is a pandemic and therefore demands international help for 200 oxygen dispensers and 12700 vials of Tocilizumabum.

How does the ESD demand anything in the name of the Romanian Government? The chief of the ESD is just a state secretary, not even the title of “commander of the action” gives him the possibility to make himself part of the Romanian Government! In 6 months the ESD and Arafat took no measure and achieved nothing to prepare for the fourth wave. Suddenly, after a boom in the number of cases, again, they find themselves surprisingly overwhelmed. How much nerve for some individuals that have not done anything for a year? Cîțu, as president of the CNSU has taken no measure and has not organised anything for a fourth wave about which we all knew would strike with the violence of a typhoon. But what could Iohannis’ Cîțu do if the is subordinated to the Arafat?!

Unifarm has sanitary materials in stock, ventilators or oxygen concentrators worth 150 mil. euro, but we beg the NATO partners or the EU. Those that are supposed to manage the emergency situation, with Iohannis, Câțu and Arafat in the front, simply did not know  what materials Uniform had in stock. Arafat’s justifications are full of nonsense and lack logic, a delirium of explanations that call for a psychiatrical examination of the “commander of the action”. Cîțu or Iohannis did not even try to justify themselves. Two aristocrats that see themselves above the people.

Sanitary crisis and general hysteria

“COVID-19 must be mentioned of the death certificate as cause of death for all deceased persons whose death was caused or is believed to have been caused by COVID-19.”, according to the case definition of INSP on July 2nd 2021. Who needs certainty or investigations that would stop the general hysteria anymore? It’s enough for someone to assume that a death was caused or occurred at the contribution of COVID-19. In Romania someone’s guess or opinion is enough, we don’t run any more tests, we don’t need certainty anymore. The most important think is to increase the general panic, yelling at those unvaccinated and desperately rub the scared relics hoping that disaster will pass us by.

According to the CNSU decision on July 1st 2021, those who exceeded 10 days since the administration of the second vaccine dose should no longer stay in quarantine, if they had direct contact with someone confirmed to be infected with COVID-19. They don’t even need to take a RT-PCR test anymore. Thus we find ourselves in the absurd situation when the husband goes nonchalantly at work, goes through the community on a daily basis, and then comes back to the wife that’s waiting for him at home, in isolation after being infected with SARS COV 2.

There is no legal norm to mention what happens to those for whom vaccination is not recommended from a medical point of view. Ok, there are not even any clear contraindications to the vaccine. It is, again, all assumptions and guesses. After all, it’s normal for it to be this way as long as most vaccines are being tested until the end of next year. Arafat and his group of specialists drew the conclusion that those who are vaccinated are healthy and therefore can freely go anywhere without a test, without epidemiological inquiries, without restrictions.Those who are not vaccinated are considered sick and have fewer and fewer rights. That’s why we lock them up in their homes with a curfew.

We all state the opinion that a number of vaccinated people as high as possible would stop the pandemic. Great Britain has almost 3/4 of its population vaccinated. With over 40 thousand daily cases, deaths associated with COVID-19 are below 200. It is a strong argument in favour of vaccination. A study made by Israel, by analysing a data base coming from over 2,5 million people, indicates the fact that natural immunity is important for protecting ourselves from the coronavirus. However, this immunity can be enhanced through vaccination. Which is still an outer intervention on the human body, over which the owner should have at least preemption rights. Balance and not hysteria should be the weapon against the pandemic.

You can have a vaccination campaign without ruling out natural immunity. It’s not the case in Romania. In our country it’s important who has it bigger. The immunity, of course. We panic if the number of antibodies is below 3 digits. We already feel domed and beg for the next 3-4 doses. “The commander of vaccination”, almost General Gheorghiță, warns us that only the 4th dose will be considered a booster. The others are just warm up.

We have only one answer to the pandemic, vaccination. A sole culprit to the crisis, the unvaccinated. And an eternal saviour, the Arafat.


(an article by Pan Themis)