Find out what is wrong, what we should be aware of and also the group interests that contradict the interests of Romanian society

Neuron on the rails: the policy of ungrounded “cuts”

de Cristina Pastia Wednesday, 24 February 2021
The management crisis is getting nastier and nastier. More dangerous. I will refer especially to the public announcements regarding the “restructuring plans”. They won’t cease. And all of them talk about salary cuts, expense cuts. Sure, this type of decision too can have its role. Of course that in the moment you realize that, for employees, the directors/employee ratio is 1 to 10 compared to 1 to 20 in the West, the first impulse is to cut. Of course it is alright to reduce useless expenses.
Business with death: “modern” slavery
de Cristina Pastia Tuesday, 9 February 2021
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Some of us would say that there is no more slavery nowadays. Unfortunately though, tens of millions of people on the planet are trying to escape “modern slavery”. In a ranking published by Global Slavery Index, the first 10 countries in the world in which slavery is still a state policy are: North Korea, Eritrea, Burundi, the Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Mauritania, South Sudan, Pakistan, Cambodia and Iran.
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Those who say that Romania lives on a debt has no idea about the recklessness of our politicians and leaders. We have so much money that we afford to sponsor the incompetence, indolence and impertinence of our decision-making personnel in most of our fields of activity generously. When you have money for a racehorse and you buy a donkey, then paint so it looks like Lipan’s Bator you are happy to get away with just the appellation of “incompetent”.
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Romania was exporting, in 2012 (and 2013), 108 million dollars worth of weaponry. Annually. OK, let’s not fool ourselves, it was not from our latest production but just a desperate attempt to replace the outdated technique with a modern one “compatible with NATO”. For everything that happens in The Army must be “NATO”. We have “beret” or other “NATO” items in our equipment norms, an ineptitude because no other members of the Alliance have such a thing. NATO does not even have an army to equip.

The politic of disaster, 150. By Mihai Eminescu
by Cristina PastiaMonday, 18 January 2021
Apparently, this is not a trap question – who was Romania’s first economic analyst? Well, this answer is not an easy one and a hint is needed: today, we celebrate 171 years since the birth of poet Mihai Eminescu. How many of us would have imagined that the author of “Evening Star” published dozens of analyses which targeted the budgetary-fiscal area, capital markets, the bank system, agriculture, or studied the relationship between work, productivity and the development of society?

Stupid hour: the national energetic “clock”, turned 5 years backwards
by Cristina PastiaWednesday, 6 January 2021
Do you remember the OUG number 114? The one drafted and published by the end of 2018 by SDP? Or have you already forgotten? You shouldn’t, it seems like what it damaged can nobody fix. The exploitation of the natural gases in the Black Sea went down the drain and so did investments in energy or telecommunication. Billions and billions of euro remained deeply buried in “the basement of the Romanian civilization” by the Dragnea-Vâlcov-Tăriceanu trio.

TOP 170 SARS-COV2 vaccines. Romania is still fighting the flu.
by Cristina PastiaFriday, 20 November 2020
For 11 months, the entire planet is waiting for the vaccine that will end this pandemic to be ready. Especially now that the new coronavirus (“new” is a misnomer, it’s already old) puts, again, hundreds of millions of people in a new quarantine. Total or partial, details are not even important anymore. Certain is that the losses of human lives but also those inflicted upon the world economy are becoming bearable and cause people huge frustrations.

Offset in Romania: a 6 billion euro law(lessness)
by Cristina PastiaMonday, 2 November 2020
Those who are in charge of providing for the Romanian Army (to be read “they don’t”) happily showed the world how they managed to bring a few dozen Piranha 5 armoured Carriers into the country. They forgot, however, to mention: the contract is almost worth a billion euro, is a few years overdue and has an uncertain offset component. Of course that initially they were even talking about producing the carrier in Romania, but the intention got lost along the way.

COVID-19 in Spain: a predictable storm?
by Cristina PastiaFriday, 23 October 2020
“The Lancet” came out with an analysis about the Spanish medical system, about the way it reacted to the pandemic. It also makes reference to the way authorities managed the COVID 19 crisis between March-June 2020. A few dramatic conclusions are drawn and the article literally shook the political world in Madrid. Moreover, mass-media in the Iberic Peninsula opened all journals with this material. Maybe someone in our country will read the conclusions in “The Lancet” too. Subtitles belong to us.

The blast furnace of debts (2). Obscure financing in the steel industry
by Cristina PastiaTuesday, 22 September 2020
In the last material I exposed a very possible catastrophic scenario Liberty Steel, ex-SIDEX, can enter. The recipe of disaster is very simple: a bit of pandemic, some carelessness and ignorance, plus the incapacity of some authorities to understand the financial engineering nowadays. And, anyway, Sanjeev Gupta is not what he seems. He is interested not in the steel mill Liberty Steel Galați, but in promoting the interests of the corporation that lies at the base of his “empire”.

The blast furnace of debts. How to turn steel into scrap metal.
by Cristina PastiaThursday, 17 September 2020
The obscure financing of the steel mogul, Sanjeev Gupta, could turn the Steel Mill in Galați into scrap metal. The Romanian State is nonchalantly taking part in the promises of an “on debt billionaire”. And, as it has been said several times, the pandemic is, for some, a good opportunity to get rich. And for commoners, a good opportunity for unemployment. But nobody is interested in that.

The Laser in Măgurele: How to “corrupt” a ray of light
by Cristina PastiaTuesday, 11 August 2020
The project for the biggest laser in the world is called “Extreme Light Infratructure - Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP)”. It is situated in the town of Magurele, Ilfov county, has a budget of 320 million euro and is coordinated by the “Horia Hulubei” National Institute of Research-Development for Physics and Nuclear Engineering. Within this project will also be developed a system for gamma ray beams.

The Morgana Recovery. About “wooden” programmes
by Cristina PastiaMonday, 6 July 2020
The Government presented its economic recovery programme. I read it, I reread it, I compared numbers, I looked on other programmes to see what is new and what is old… and they are so similar… even to a decision from 1998 of the minister at that time, Traian Băsescu. It was listing, and promising, the development of the infrastructure: 9.600 km of highways and express roads until 2015. The document contains hundreds of numbers, dazzling sums, promises. The country of milk and honey.

Sarmizegetusa Regia, robbed in accounting terms
by Cristina PastiaMonday, 29 June 2020
137,25 billion RON. Or 28,3 billion Euro. What do you think this sum represents? A stadium? A new investment in the Romanian textile industry? A hotel? The making of a site for the Government? Not even close. It represents the “worth” of Sarmizegetusa Regia, the capital of Dacia. The “achievement” belongs to the Hunedoara County Council, encouraged by “experts” of the Romanian state. Of course it's useless, unless you sell it to some entrepreneur so he can peacefully search for Dacian bracelets.

Hammering handbook. The mistrust in the State.
by Cristina PastiaMonday, 22 June 2020
A plethora of questions without answer when in comes to the new coronavirus. Moreover, Romanians are threatened, insulted, or left to cope with other illnesses “on their feet”, many of them serious. We don’t even know how many Romanians died because of SARS-COV 2, before starting any treatment. Thus, Romanian authorities seem determined to do everything to multiply the mistrust in the State, in its fundamental institutions.

Pandemics: the warnings in the past. The ignorance in the present
by Cristina PastiaFriday, 24 April 2020
We should have been prepared for the new coronavirus. There have been warnings ever since the 80’s. It’s only that, unfortunately, the world is lead, mostly, by demagogues, incompetents and corrupts. So, the main preoccupation of mankind should be, once the threat is gone, “distancing” from the present political class.

The future sounds good in the Euro-Zone. In Romania, the future is on “mute”
by Cristina PastiaMonday, 13 April 2020
Some governments generally apply only local measures, many times meant to overcome exclusively the blockage at that time. Others “weigh” the moment two-three steps in advance. What will happen afterwards… I believe the Romanian saying “money goes for money” will fit here. Now it is hard to estimate the losses on a global level but we will surely be talking about losses of thousands of billions.

The prowler on the roof
by Cristina PastiaThursday, 9 April 2020
In “The Horseman on the roof”, a novel about the cholera epidemic in France in 1832, the main character travels through states devastated by disease and sufferance, finding love and death, heroism and cowardness, devotion and opportunism, fraternity and betrayal. In the Romania of 2020, frozen by the coronavirus pandemic, a gang of prowlers took over.

How much is SARS-COV 2 worth? Between 2.700 and 5.000 billion dollars.
by Cristina PastiaWednesday, 8 April 2020
Since January, there has been talk about the losses that the new coronavirus has caused the world’s economy. Estimations emerged every week but, until 1-2 weeks ago, the margin of error was huge. What changed? Each of the world’s greatest economies begin to announce a calendar of recovery.

The virus of an (un)announced recession
by Cristina PastiaMonday, 2 March 2020
Discussions and analyses on the effects of the coronavirus on the (global or local) economy make the headlines in almost all means of information. There are “red flags” and scenarios that start in a “moderate” tone and get, not in a few cases, to “catastrophic”.