Here comes an envoy… still of peace

The arrival of an emissary from Washington went relatively unnoticed by the mass media and totally ignored by the public opinion. It could not have happened otherwise when we are constantly bombed exclusively with the numbers of an announced disaster. What a great joy that defense secretary Lloyd J. Austin came to Romania! Since another famous Afro-American, Michael Jackson, we had not prepared the red carpet. We welcomed him with the protocol meant for heads of state. The master from overseas noticed us. He put us next to Ukraine and Georgia, but we are glad and wag our presidential tails happily. He even included us on the short list of the countries that feel threatened by Russia.

We did not have enough internal problems, it was about time we found external ones. Russia has never threatened Romania, except for some position taking, through which it told us, understatedly, to know our damn place. But we didn’t. We won’t stop and allow others to come at us. With our own hands. We are how we are, but instead of having a reserved and nuanced attitude, like Germany, France and other states in the West do, we bark at the Russian giant just because our strategic partner orders us to.

So Biden sends a minster to tell us that the strategic partner will enhance Romania’s sovereignty. Like he enhanced democracy in Afghanistan, another successful strategic partnership of the United States. In fact, Americans don’t give a presidential damn about us or our territorial integrity. If they were to start a conflict in the area it would be to their advantage. After they would evacuate, in at most 2 hours, all American citizens and militaries on Romania’s territory.

Europe would be a hot zone to manage. France and Germany would not emit any more press releases to condemn the lack of correctitude of certain partners across the Atlantic. And it’s not Canada. Russia would open a front on the “Eastern flank” of an alliance the USA use just as long as it serves their interests, and Romania… American taxpayers would find out where it is on the map. The American weapon industry would, and can also deliver the other 6 Patriot batteries, that we paid for, integrally, in 2020.

God, deliver us from friends!

When, how or what have Americans ever helped us with? History remembers the immense sums we transferred across the ocean, in exchange for some promises. Promises they made to other countries too.

We entered NATO at the same time as Hungary because the Americans did not want us. At least then Clinton came to Bucharest in person to show us the rainbow and to soothe us. We are not visa free after 20 years of supporting the American adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan with a loyalty no other colony ever had. Croatia, an independent country, is visa free after a few years of being in NATO. We still wait year after year.

There are no American investments in Romania, and the few attempts were just fiascos we paid for. “Big time”, as we learned they say in America. Bechtel, Chevron or Exton, came, fooled us with a few pseudo-attempts to collaborate and left before producing anything concrete. Moreover, they blocked or sabotaged each of our attempts to collaborate with European partners. We lost the chance of massive investments from Germany, France or Italy just because Americans diverted, through traitors they kept in leading positions, military equipment contracts worth billions. Euro or dollars, they take anything.

In the civilized countries we aspired to be like some years ago (meanwhile we resigned ourselves) are minsters welcomed with the obedience and servitude with which we welcomed the American defense minister? How many Romanian ministers were welcomed by their American counterparts at the plane’s airstair, like Ciucă did with Lloyd J. Austin? How many Romanian prime ministers were welcomed in the Oval Office, like Iohannis welcomed Austin in Cotroceni? How many Romanian presidents entered at least in that office? Iohannis, to be fair, almost received a lawn mower to mow the lawn he hadn’t stepped on anyway.

Trump was more conservative, “old school” as Cîțu would say, the former presidential poodle, communicated his orders to governors in colonies in person. He would call Iohannis for a photo and a drink and then tell him firmly what he needs to execute. Werner could only drink coffee if he had any in his thermos. Biden is just “old” but he is almost as fed up with Romania as Iohannis is. So he sends a minister or a senator to communicate his orders to us.

The eternal audit. Delay, not stalling

Ciucă thought the Americans should be convinced that he matches the profile of lieutenant governor the masters like. A sort of welcome gift for mister Austin, to whom he immediately communicates that he is ready for a new mission. “Did you see, sir, how tough I am? You just order me and I’ll have it done!” Therefore, overzealous, like only the American partner can make him, he ordered the “slap” of a journalist (virtual of course) that dared reveal the abuse and lawbreaking that were taking place.

The delay of the Naval Group contract, in fact its blockage, became a priority for the Americans after the submarine episode. The US have nothing to gain directly from lawbreaking, and Romania turns out to be a dishonest partner to Europe. Indirectly though, it proves its influence in the area and applies one more “sanction” to France. So they don’t retreat their ambassador at Washington. They should send a toy, like Romania does.

The corvette contract is delayed through procedures Ciucă and his peers claim to be legal. They demanded another audit. Incicaș, the former chief of the Internal Audit Directory, the present chief of the General Weaponry Directory, demanded another audit before signing the contract. Contract which, in its turn, will be audited once more. 2 (two) since Naval Group earned, legally, the corvette “the two sides are doing what is necessary to agree on the final form of the documents”.

Practically since Ciucă has been prime minister the contract in question has still not been signed, but no, there is no way MApN is stalling. That’s what dottore Ciucă’s spokespersons say. Others would say, in amazement, “are you crazy?”

With the generous contest between individuals that lack morality, but especially love for their homeland, the USA turned Romania into a sort of “prostitute”. They use us shamelessly and then again when they come around once more. A really stupid prostitute, that they don’t even have to pay. She performs voluntarily, for free or for an antique for which she pays the price of high technology.

One Cîțu… but with epaulettes

Nothing, but absolutely nothing recommends Ciucă as a viable solution for prime minister. The fact that, as it happened with Vasilică, Americans impose him is not really a professional argument. The strategic partner has everyone’s file complete. Let’s not fool ourselves that Vasilică made prime minister because he had many qualities. Or that Americans did not know what he did or what he can. It’s the same with Ciucă.

An artificial character, lacking the qualities of a refined politician, but which is fed to us with the aggressivity of a rape. In fact, Ciucă lacks every quality of a successful leader. Moreover, he is not loyal to Romania, his morality is questionable, obedient to the point of groveling and capable of anything to make his master happy. In more than 7 years since he has been added to the decisional sphere of the Romanian Army, or at its lead, we’ve had the most poorly equipped and ranked Army in the last half of the century. Ciucă demonstrated that he can ruin everything he touches. Otherwise he has no achievements. Not even his people in the mass media can name one successful project of the Plenița bard, already “their” Ciucă.

The best example of how failure remains the only achievement of the Nasiriyah legend is the pandemic.

Ciucă and the ministry he leads possess the broadest healthcare unit network in Romania, after that of the Health Ministry. The Defense Minister has in his subordination hospitals in all big cities, to which you can add a clinic network, sanatoriums and medical cabinets with a few thousand employees. A centralized administrative infrastructure that no private network or municipal administration can brag about.

Ciucă’s Army (we can call it that after he privatized it, per natural person) has not only the possibility, but the obligation to install and operate ROL 2 units (campaign medical spaces) that should double the number of military hospitals, in at least 11 cities in the country. Moreover, they should operationalize, as soon as possible, capabilities to respond to any kind of external threat. Like in the case of a virus which can be easily assimilated to a biologic aggression.

MApN has in its subordination the Cantacuzino Institute, the one that in two years of pandemic did not produce anything, just promises and lies. Cantacuzino, which was supposed to be the admiral ship in the battle against Covid-19, delivered a few food supplements, ceremonies and another general for the army in two years. Nothing, nothing, nothing in two years!

Ciucă, the new American prime minister, was directly involved in managing the pandemic. His subordinates coordinated the entire vaccination process, but not only. From Gheorghiță, the one presented as the new star in military medicine, to his godson Oancea, the orthopedist general leading Cantacuzino, hundreds of MApN employees were directly involved in the administration of the miraculous serum. The vaccination campaign is an utter failure, but nobody is responsible, nobody is guilty. How are those who planned, coordinated or led responsible for the failure? Why scold us just because we’re naughty? Has nobody wondered why the people leading this campaign don’t inspire trust?

The chronicle of an announced failure

Iohannis and Ciucă gave battle flags to the Aeronautical Medicine Institute and the Central Military Hospital. For a century and a half, a few wars and hundreds of thousands of militaries went down in the history of the Central Military Hospital without a battle flag. It received one from Ciucă, with the occasion of another delirious ceremony, for defeating the country in the battle against the pandemic. The MApN health network, led by 4 physician generals with the greatest general of the Romanian Army in the last millennium, Ciucă 4 stars, with tens of colonels, hundreds of officers and thousands of employees, is almost inexistent on the anti-covid front. But Ciucă and Gheorghiță, the same as Arafat, are eternal and irreplaceable.

Iohannis, with the morgue of the Governor who doesn’t care about the Colony, threatens us that “those unvaccinated will have a ton of restrictions”. There is rarely a better example of blackmail and abuse of power. Even dictatorships do their best to mimic intentions of legality. Iohannis doesn’t, he doesn’t need to. Iohannis is the Supreme named by the masters that guarantee him the prosperity of his office. Everything, absolutely everything that meant the incredible crisis we are in bears the mark of the president, but still the people are the ones threatened.

The following nomination for prime minister will be another slap Iohannis will give to the people. As in the case of Cioloș, an adventure about which everyone knew wouldn’t solve anything. It will be the same with Ciucă. We will waste another half a year until, maybe, people will wake up.

Today those unvaccinated are being threatened to be denied fundamental rights, tomorrow will be those with only two doses and the day after tomorrow those who can breathe without an oxygen tube. We are not far from the moment when we will find that the monsters who lead us, produced by the nation’s sleep, are burning the Constitution and forbid the Declaration of Fundamental Human Rights. Ciucă “prime minister” is yet another decision Iohannis takes to support his amazing work in destroying Romania. Step by Step.


(an article by Pan Themis)