Individually, not Colectiv! playing golf

The victims at Colectiv are not heroes in the military sense of the word. They did not take part in the glorious battle at Nasiriyah, like the American Ciucă did, nor did they sacrifice themselves pandemically as the eternal Arafat or the eternal hope, Gheorghiță, do. They were not great personalities nor did they claim the nation’s attention. They had love for music and a dose of rebellion. Which, however, they shared discretely and without offending anyone. They were the parents, children, friends or colleagues of some Romanians that remained in tears and with a pain no inquiry or earthly justice will soothe.

After 6 years we only have the certainty of the mayor of district 4 that moved to district 5. Where he gained enough votes to win. His slogan, filled with cynicism and disrespect, reached the people’s hearts. “Be careful not to get burned when voting!” and Romanians appreciated it. What kind of country are we living in?

The commemoration of the 6 years since Colectiv revealed, again, the filth of Romanian society. The president of our disunity did not move a muscle to bring a homage to those who died because they hoped they were living in a normal country. They were just an “instrument” in the hands of another leader, irreversibly put in opposition to the people that elected him full of hope. Iohannis had no time this year. He had a date with destiny at Pianu de Jos. There may not be many Romanians interested in golf, but Werner aspires to go professional. Well, the correct news is: “on a business trip to Romania, president Iohannis invited (himself) to a game of golf”.

Cîțu, another hero

If the president barely sent, condescendingly, a funeral wreath, the deposed prime minister, the one that had a decisive contribution to the present crisis, thought not to miss the opportunity to prove his rudeness. Ciucă has his legend, as hero of a battle that did not exist. Why couldn’t Cîțu have his own legend as survivor of a tragedy that chilled us all to the bone? Ciucă’s legend resisted, though absolutely everyone knew it was a despicable lie. Why shouldn’t Cîțu have his Nasiriyah? I’m asking for a friend.

Thus, we found that Vasilică was there on the night of the tragedy, he was in Colectiv. No one saw him or heard anything about it until now and we suddenly learn that Cîțu was about to become a victim himself. After all, who saw Smeagol until he got the ring? Vasilică is just like that. As far as personality is concerned, eventual physical similarities are mere coincidences. He has a sickly addiction, like the Lord of the Rings character. Vasilică is addicted to lies and fakeness, which he considers vital to his survival in the political scene.

Like Ciucă has Radu Dobrițoiu, the bard of his imaginary events, why wouldn’t Vasilică have a journalist with no decency? Denise Rifai can’t wait. “I feel the need to make a few statements. Florin Cîțu is veeery far from the standard Romanian politician. He is a guy that just wanted to help and use his expertise to Romania’s benefit. He is, I believe, the most honest and fair politician this little country had.” Declared the diva of the 40 questions about the Ali Baba of the 40 thieves.

Besides the needs Denise Rifai feels sometimes, and in which we have little to no interest at all, where the heck has she been until today? Proof about his mythomania and dishonesty, but, especially, about how unprofessional Vasilică is, we get everyday. This man has done absolutely nothing in life. He has no successful project, and miss Rifai tells us he had, so to speak, an expertise and felt like he needed to use it to help Romania. If Vasilică had loved Romania, he would have stayed in Australia. Or he would have gone to Africa and fight the lions there instead of taking ours down. (lion=leu; this is what Romanian currency is called)

Stepping on the Constitution

Ciucă sent his team and program to the Parliament. That’s what he made of the fundamental law, 10 days go by, you send a list to the Parliament and they have time to vote your government until Christmas. That’s what he has been doing since he is in charge, no matter the position, due dates and laws are optional. Nicușoare, the law is not optional! The text of the fundamental law has no mistakes: it says “in 10 days since the appointing, the vote of confidence of the Parliament for the program and the entire list of the Government”.  As far as the performance at Nasiriyah is concerned, the Government can be invested even after 2 years, what’s important is that you sent a list after 10 days.

A minister list which is a… mockery. Those from the Cîțu Government were not enough (no NLP minister lost office), others came to add to the disaster. Predoiu for Defense, Gorghiu for Justice, Sighiartău for Digitalization or Fechet for Agriculture are proof of the liberal disgust towards this country. Nominations as inspired as Ciucă’s speech is eloquent. A general used to order stuttered worse than he did when he got his membership in the Communist Party. Poor little him, he was nervous, like in the first day of kindergarten.

He has a government program too. Like his own image. Full of stammers and insecurity, verbal cliches and plagiarism of Cîțu’s program. He talks about the generalization of the green certificate, just because any word that reminds him how brave a general he is sounds good. He is considering sanitary measures, that he could not even implement inside the MND. He thought that, after all, what is the country? A polygon that’s a bit larger, in which he can conduct military training as he wishes.

In two years of pandemic he generated only promises and lies regarding the MND support in the pandemic. We gave us isolation rides, he promised us vaccines through the Cantacuzino Institute , he moved nosocomial infections from the Central Military Hospital to the ROL 2 campaign hospital, he cut military pensions and froze the wages of the active personnel. It was not even difficult to produce a government program in which austerity, poverty and social impoverishment are the only real objectives.

An entire history, made into a “poster”

Intelligence services, faithful to the appointed prime minister, are also ready to contribute. After vaccination they will put Ciucă on a pedestal. On a poster shared online, Cristian Barna, former professor at the RIS Academy and member of the doctoral commissions at the diploma factory of the Army, thought to put Ciucă next to King Ferdinand. “The military leaders of Romania” is theme of this mystification meant to associate the “desert general” with invaluable personalities of our people. Using the memory of King Ferdinand is so abject that only the mind of a security officer could produce such manipulation. Why doesn’t he put him where he belongs? Next to Grandpa Holster, mister Goe or soldier Svejk, as Ciucă likes multinational…

Iohannis, the on that allowed the rise of this nullity, really put him in his place. He has been controlling him, for many years, like a puppet, and the general claps happily. When he is done with him, “dottore di Nasiriyah” will have the destiny of a Swedish intimate wipe. Soft, fluffy, cleans, when needed, the parts the sun can’t see and then you throw it away. The Zewa mascot will thus have a political career shorter than that of the Cocolino bear leading the SDP. A bear that only mumbles, but is not a danger to Iohannis.

While our pseudo-leaders play country and governments, and the golf and Cotroceni takes trips to foreign countries, hospitals ended up administrating industrial oxygen to those in the ICU. We knew, without Arafat explaining us, that the ICU salons are gassing chambers, but, out of minimum decency, they should have tried to dress up the truth. At least pretend to take care of the patients. What else should they do? Substitute the technical oxygen, when that will also be over, with methane gas. At least they wouldn’t be lying to us at all.


(an article by Pan Themis)