And if we go on to the statistics, we find that 50% of the people have an average intelligence, corresponding to an IQ between 90 and 110. Intelligent are approximately 12-13% and only 1,5% can be considered geniuses on this planet. Therefore, in an optimistic note, 35% of the population, on a global level, is formed of idiots and morons.


Intelligence, in percentages

  • 50% of the world’s population: average intelligence (IQ: 90-120)
  • 12-13%: superior intelligence (IQ: 120-140)
  • 1,5%: geniuses (IQ: over 140)
  • 35%: idiots and morons (IQ: less than 70)


Source: Știre9


Does it give you chills down your spine? Does this “classification” apply to the intelligence on a national level? Is there any relation between the intelligence and the brain in our country? What would the percentages be in the Parliament for example? But in sports? And if we’re talking about sports, what IQ does a manager at CSA Steaua have? But an official at Victoria Palace?

I was reading somewhere that stupid people (IQ between 60 and 70) can be educatable and trainable, and I dare to hope that many of ours can progress. Not many, that’s true. What do we do with those that are much lower on the evolution scale and are nor trainable, though? A footballer who doesn’t know who he’s playing with is beyond fixing. What do we do with him? Hire him at Roşia Montană to turn gold into meal tickets? Elect him in the Parliament? (there is no more room there, an inner voice is whispering to me). Force him into searching the original contract with Bechtel? Useless, he doesn’t know what a signature looks like.

We have the tendency to associate stupidity with others. It’s not a new vibe, it’s been there since forever. And maybe that’s why, out of cautiousness, we often “caress” those who are stupid and many. We use words like moron, stupid, dumbass, brainless, silly, slow, mindless, doltish, dull, lunatic, crazy or thick.


The perfect stupidity

I don’t figure whether having a high IQ also implies the tendency to ask many questions but sometimes it’s hard, even painful, to have an answer to everything. For example, how intelligent does one need to be to combat tax evasion by additionally charging those who pay their taxes? Why don’t we too have people with high IQ when it comes to building highways? How intelligent does one need (not) to be to realize that we have no education, no values?

You can answer the questions above only of you know what “stupid and hardworking” means. It’s the worst thing that can exist in human society. A combination of an IQ below 20 with an over unit multifactor productivity index represents the supreme catastrophe, the perfect disaster. Let’s imagine you want to build a suspended highway without knowing what to hang in to… therefore, the “stupid and hardworking” concept needs to be fought against with all might.

I will end it on an optimistic note. I have hope that wheat will not be irrigated with Pepsi, that Steaua will get at least a tie in Champions League, if it qualifies and will at least be told who they’re playing with, that we won’t be having a VAT for green certificates and that in 20 years we will drive on highways. And last but not least, I believe we should invent another coefficient, IQ minusR, especially for Romanians: 100 x (politician wage + commission)/(y education received at home + political dignity).


IQ-R=100 x (wage + commission)/(y education received at home + dignity degree)


You can easily notice that the less education and dignity you have, the higher the Romanian version of intelligence is. I even believe that three quarters of our politicians would be considered geniuses. We will also be working on a version for Romanian presidents. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an index in their favour just yet.

The end is optimistic but the conclusion can only be tragic. Stupidity is contagious and is transmitted from one person to another at incredible speed. It’s easily noticeable in a pandemic context. Unfortunately though, exactly like in the case of SARS-COV 2, we won’t ever find out where the “infection” started from. Maybe the truth can be found in one of Murphy’s laws: “The sum of intelligence on the planet is constant. Unfortunately, the number of its inhabitants is increasing”. In other words, some people nowadays just don’t get any.



How do you figure whether something is wrong with your “aichiuuu”? Like in the case of COVID 19, there is a series of specific symptoms. If any of these symptoms manifest, don’t hesitate to take the test. The point is for it to turn out positive, unlike in the case of SARS-COV 2. Below, top 10 symptoms.

  • When you have a “Cantacuzino Institute” that can produce billions worth of vaccines, but you produce polydine jellybeans
  • When you believe that if you have a wage of 3.000 euro, everybody else does too
  • If you are a high official and don’t manage to build 1.000 kilometers of highway in 4 years
  • When the degree of empathy you have is inversely proportional with the dimension of the tragedy you produce
  • When an antivaccinist asks “why?” and you answer “because you have to!”
  • When you buy planes but don’t fly them
  • When you add a VAT to two other taxes on the energy bill (green certificates and cogeneration) but you cap the electricity price
  • When in the morning, in the mirror, you feel like hugging yourself and say “I’m so in love with myself!”
  • When you are a reporter and ask an official what the circle’s area is and they answer that it’s the disk’s area
  • When you have no symptom, no matter the circumstances


(Sources: The Psychology of Stupidity, volume coordinated by Jean Francois Marmion, Mic tratat de prostologie, by George Rizescu)


(an article by Edward Pastia)