Thus… a lot of hate, two major fires in hospitals with 17 demises, an incident with three demises, an anti-vaccination campaign (yes, it’s true!) with an appointment platform that worked exactly how the health card did. I remember a few cases when chronical diseases led to real dramas because patients had no access to treatment.

Then hate again. I can’t forget ministerCiucă, the one that managed to ruin the Romanian Army, I can’t forget minister Ghinea, whose activity at “European funds” I already mentioned. Ah, there’s a good thing: the modification in the public procurement law, the act that blocked any investment in infrastructure. Very good move.

On the other hand, I can’t forget how the government let down companies affected by the pandemic. Hard to get over it. But it’s been a nice amount of money for the NLP Congress. A congress like no wedding has ever been. The newly built hospitals come to mind. Sorry, I’m just imagining. Medical personnel that has not been paid for their activity in the vaccination campaign.

Hate again. Among neighbors, relatives, acquaintances or strangers, all vaccinated but unvaccinated too. Hate among members of the same party, hate among members of the same coalition. 35.000 deaths from COVID we are starting to forget about…

I’m also looking at the procession. Who will take “the deceased” to “the grave”? Good people: Orban, Ciolacu, Simion, Șoșoacă, Barna, Bulai or Grindeanu. And whoa, “the priest” is German.

And let’s imagine how the coalition will recover after “the burial”. The SRU will have to negotiate with the NLP. Therefore, they will have to sit at the same table with… “the deceased” himself! A savory discussion between the undertakers and the deceased. At the same table! How will this happen? And the German priest?

I think it’s better not to bury him. I just found that lady Speranța (hope) is also dead. Happily, with historical statistics on her deathbed. 15.000 infected and 250 deaths. For 280 votes. Still historical.


(an article by Edward Pastia)